Remote Printing

Use our Web Print Service to print from mobile devices in the library or from anywhere with an Internet connection.

WebPrint is a two-step process:
1. Upload a document to the Web Print system.
2. Release the print job from one of our public copiers.

To Print a File:
1.The first time, you must register your email.

  • a. Open a browser and visit:
  • b. Enter your email address and select East Rockaway Public Library from the drop-down list.
  • c. Click Register email. After processing, the screen will show a “Successful Registration” message along with a link to the file upload page.

2. Follow the steps below to upload your file:*

  • a. Click the link:
  • b. Enter your email address
  • c. Select either BW (black and white) or Color
  • d. Browse to select your file
  • e. Click Submit
  • f. Note your Job ID once your job is accepted

3. Proceed to Mobile Print Release Kiosk (a computer screen right next to the copy machine – both across from circulation desk by  New Fiction)

  • a. Press Print Release Station
  • b. Enter your Job ID
  • c. Select your Print Job(s), then click Print
  • d. The cost of your print job is displayed
  • e. Insert money in coin box and click OK

***You can also Email your document to: or and wait for an email confirmation containg your Job ID.